Using a Windows Screen Recorder

Whether you’re creating a presentation or filming a tutorial video, having the right screen recording software is essential. Many third-party programs can do the job, but there are also a few options built into Windows.

The first is Xbox Game Bar, which is designed primarily for capturing PC and Xbox gaming sessions. It can, however, be used for other purposes as well.

Game Bar

While there are many third-party tools out there to handle screen recording, Windows users also have a couple of built-in options. One of them is called Game Bar and, as the name suggests, it’s designed to record video games.

However, you can use it to record any app that runs on the Universal Windows Platform or in Windows 10 desktop mode. It can even record the desktop as long as you hide any applications that might be open.

When you’re done, the Game Bar will display an alert saying “Game clip recorded”. Click that to view your new video in a Gallery window. You can also find your recordings—which save as MP4 files—in the Gaming folder in File Explorer, in a subfolder called Captures.

While Game Bar can do a lot, it isn’t the perfect tool for every situation. If you need a more powerful, versatile program that can record an entire screen, we recommend trying out Wondershare DemoCreator.

Snipping Tool

If you’re a long-time Windows user, you’ll already be familiar with the Snipping Tool. This handy tool lets you capture images of your screen, either as a full-screen snapshot or a free-form selection. You can even annotate your images with a mouse or tablet and use them for presentations and explanations.

If your Snipping Tool is updated with screen recording capabilities, you should see a new mode option in the snipping menu. You can also select a shape and a delay, which allows you to capture items that might move or disappear in the process.

You can edit your snips by dragging them into the paint program, or save them to the clipboard. You can also send them to other users or share them via your favorite social media platform. However, if you have a poor connection or other hardware issues, you may experience problems with video quality. You can try closing any unnecessary applications to improve performance and reduce file size.

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is one of the apps included with an Office 365 subscription. This cloud-based program allows employees to create, manage, and share videos. It also enables users to tag timecodes in comments or descriptions to quickly reference specific points in a video.

To record a screen using Windows Stream, open the app and click the “Create” menu. Choose “Record screen.” You will be prompted to give the application permission to use your microphone and camera. Once the recording is complete, a preview will appear. If you want to edit your recording, select the “Edit” option.

While Stream is a great way to record your desktop, it is limited to fifteen minutes of capture. For longer recordings, you can use a third-party suite such as Filmora, which is both an audio and video editor. It is compatible with most major platforms and provides multiple export options. This makes it an excellent choice for both business and home users.

Free Screen Recorder

A free screen recorder is software that allows you to create tutorial videos, record gameplay, Livestream it, and capture webcams. It also enables you to edit and add audio, cursor movements, and annotations to your video. It helps you create and share instructional and training content without the need for back-and-forth in emails or lengthy meetings.

Windows 10 features a built-in video recorder called the Xbox Game Bar, which is designed to capture games but works for other types of screen activity. It’s easy to use, too — just open the app you want to record and press Windows Key + G at the same time.

The software is available as a web app or desktop app and includes multiple recording modes, including fullscreen, window, and region; Picture in Picture (PiP) mode; and text recognition. It’s ideal for gamers, teachers, and anyone who wants to capture and share gameplay or screencasts. It offers a free plan and paid plans with more advanced features.

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