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Which Windows 11 is Best For Gaming?

There is a lot of excitement about the new Windows 11 gaming OS. This version features a revamped Game Mode and optimization for a new gaming technology first seen on Xbox consoles.

It also supports a higher amount of RAM, which can significantly improve the gaming experience. So, which edition of Windows 11 is best for gaming?

Game Mode

Many gamers are curious about whether Windows 11 is better for gaming than its predecessor. This operating system comes with a number of powerful features that are designed to improve gaming performance. These include DirectStorage, Auto HDR, and a built-in Xbox app.

Game Mode can help reduce lag and frame rate drops by freeing up CPU resources. It also limits background activity and prioritizes CPU cores for games. However, some users have reported that this feature can cause stuttering and freezing on high-end systems.

Microsoft has a variety of options available for gamers who want to improve their experience with Windows 11. The Home edition is the best choice for gaming, as it includes all the new features and costs nothing when upgrading from 10. The Pro and Enterprise editions are not intended for gaming and cost more. They also have additional features that are not useful for gamers, such as virtual machine capabilities and support for higher maximum RAM.


Game loading times have been a huge problem for PC gamers, but Microsoft’s new DirectStorage feature is designed to eliminate this issue. It uses GPU decompression to offload processing from the CPU, which reduces load times by up to three times. It also increases performance by reducing memory bandwidth usage by 50%.

Currently, this technology is available only on Windows 11 and Xbox series consoles, but it will be coming to Windows 10 version 1909 and later. In order to take advantage of DirectStorage, you must have a modern NVMe SSD, preferably PCIe 4.0 or higher. You also need a graphics card that supports DirectX 12 Ultimate specifications.

Besides the storage optimization, Windows 11 has other features that enhance gaming performance. For example, it supports a high dynamic range (HDR) mode that pumps up colors for more realistic colors. Another feature is Game Mode, which prioritizes the processing and RAM resources used by games over other applications.

Auto HDR

Auto HDR is a feature that makes games look brighter and more colorful, even on displays that don’t support HDR. It was first introduced on Xbox Series X|S consoles and was later brought to Windows 11 PCs.

This technology has breathed new life into older Xbox titles viewed on modern HDR TVs, and it promises to do the same for older PC games without taking a major hit to performance.

It also works with games that aren’t natively HDR-compatible, but it requires a display capable of supporting it and needs to be enabled in the Game Bar. Microsoft has recently released an update to the Game Bar that adds an Auto HDR Intensity slider, and it will remember your settings for each individual game.

This is a great way to get more out of your gaming experience and will make your games look much better. However, be aware that the technology can have some issues with certain GPUs and may not work well on all monitors.

Start Menu

The Start Menu is a graphical user interface element that provides a shortcut to programs and other functions. It also features an array of options that can be customized to suit your needs. This enables you to work more efficiently and save time.

In addition to providing quick access to programs, the Start Menu can also display a description of each program when you move your mouse over them. This is useful for when you are unsure what a particular program does or its purpose. For example, pointing to a calculator displays the message “Performs basic arithmetic tasks.”

Gamers will enjoy the benefits of Windows 11’s upgrades engineered with gaming in mind, especially those with fast NVMe SSDs and compatible graphics cards. However, gamers should upgrade only if their computers meet the recommended specifications, including having an HDR-compatible monitor. If not, they should stick to the older versions of Windows to avoid performance drops and lags.

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